Thursday, February 11, 2010

Oh, the snow!

Unless you live in a cave (in which case, I imagine internet access would be rather difficult), you should be aware that the Mid-Atlantic area of the country got slammed with snow in the last few days, not once, but twice. Philadelphia broke a record for the most snowfall in one winter EVER. The previous record was 65 inches. We beat that. Yeah. We have OVER THREE FEET of snow on the ground right now. (Which means that the mounds of snow where people shoveled or plowed are basically taller than me!) It's ridiculous. I don't know if I've ever seen anything like it before. I recall a pretty big snowstorm back when I was in Jr. High maybe, but I think this week wins the crazy ridiculous snow award. The seminary has been closed for the second day in a row (which pretty much never happens), so I've had a lot of time to think about snow. (It's kind of hard to avoid when there's this much of it.) And in light of that, here are my likes and dislikes regarding snow...

- Shoveling
- Having to put boots and snow gear on every few hours just to let the dog out
- Cancelled class = having to make up class later
- Shoveling
- Snow is apparently like crack for my dog
- Did I mention shoveling?

- For me and my friends, snow is a good enough reason to have a party
- Spontaneous snowball fights
- Romping in the snow = calorie burn
- The dog is pretty fun to play with in the snow, even if she is crazy
- Neighbors who love to shovel
- Cancelled class = more time to get stuff done (and play in the snow)

If you can't get rid of it, you might as well enjoy it, right?

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