Thursday, June 30, 2011

Ode to my feet

As the weather warms up in the summer, I free my feet from their usual cute flats and boots and the occasional heels and my go-to footware 90% of the time becomes flip flops. (Don't worry, on days I walk a lot I wear cushioned Tevas or my Chacos). As a kid I used to run around barefoot in the summer all the time (and miraclously only stepped on a bee once), so my feet like to be free, and I like them to be exposed to the air. Even if that means getting funky white-striped tan lines. I also like being able to see my tattoo on my right foot. What I don't like though is how generally not nice-looking my feet are. In part due to my barefootedness and probably mostly due to all my running, I have lots of callouses and the occasional blister. In fact my big toe on my left foot has a permanent callous from the new blister that forms just about every time I go out for a run. As nasty as they are though, I am proud of my feet. All my blisters and callouses and scars are like battlewounds from all the miles my feet have endured. I am grateful to my feet for carrying me through those miles and pray that they will stay strong through the many miles to come.


Anonymous said...

you are a huge dork, but i've been looking at my new vibram-induced callouses and feeling the same way. (next stop, tattoo! someday...)

JJ said...