Monday, September 21, 2009

Life in transition

I have been a total slacker with my blog lately. I think its because I'm still reflecting on where I am in my life right now. My internship has ended. I left with mixed emotions... ready to get back to the city I have come to love and the people I am sharing my seminary journey with, but sad to leave the congregation I had become so invested in. The transition from full-time ministry back to full-time classes (and reading, and writing, and reading, and lectures, and reading...) has been difficult. I admit that I am somewhat of a dork and love school and learning, but my heart is yearning to be engaged in congregational ministry once again. (Now this brings up another discussion, because I do realize that "ministry" is done in many different situations and not just inside a church building. I really do try to live my life conscious of this fact. But it has helped me realize that my call is to ministry in a parish, at least for a little while anyway. And more specifically, I still have a strong passion and calling to youth ministry.) I think thats about all I can say right now. My life encompasses this tension between joy and yearning. But, in light of the sermon I heard yesterday, I focus on being grateful for now and giving thanks to God in all things.

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