Sunday, January 18, 2009

Here we go Steelers, here we go!

Pittsburgh's going to the Super Bowl!!

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Katy said...

I knew you would be excited about the Steelers! ;)
Actually, the camera cozy I just totally made on my own. I didn't use a pattern. LOL
For the back of it (longer side) I cast on 25 st (I think)then knitted 3 rows...then K3,P19,K3. I repeated that till I was about the width of my camera and then I knitted 3 rows.

For the front part....I cast on 20 st (I think) and then knitted 3 rows. Then I *K3,P14, row I knitted. Then I kept repeating from * till I got the width I wanted. Then with the wrong sides out, I sewed the edges together and then flipped it right side out....

Did I make it sound complicated? I can try to write it better..?? sorry! ;0)